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A Real-Life Case Study of Buy Here, Pay Here Finance

I’m Jane. Jane is a single mother who relies upon a car to get to work and drop her children off at school. Unfortunately, her credit has prevented her from obtaining regular auto financing. You can find buy here, pay here car lots in your area. Continue?

Jane decides that she will visit a nearby BHPH dealership in order to find out if they can help her get into a car. Jane chooses a secondhand vehicle she likes and agrees to the dealership’s financing terms. Jane realizes that this is the best option for her car needs. However, the terms are a bit complicated with a high interest rate and large down payment.

Jane drives her new car to the lot after a pleasant experience at the dealership. Jane is grateful to once again have transportation.

The first few months are smooth. Jane is reliable with her payments and appreciates having a personal vehicle. Things get worse when Jane is faced with unexpected costs such as her child’s medical expenses. She finds it difficult to make payments.

The dealership initially shows empathy and works with her to resolve the problem. They offer to temporarily reduce Jane’s payments and extend her financing agreement. Jane’s payments start to fall as the time goes by and the dealership requires more patience.

Finally, the dealership dispatches a repossession agent in order to retrieve the vehicle. Jane is devastated. Jane spent a lot of money and time on her car, but it is no longer there. She is struggling to make ends meets, again without a vehicle of her own.

Jane’s story is fiction, but it isn’t uncommon. Many consumers turn to BHPH financing as a last resort, when they are unable to pay their bills and run the risk of losing their home. While some may consider BHPH financing a viable option, it is important to fully understand the risks and assess your financial situation before you agree to the terms.

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