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Breaking The Bottle: ESNC Perfumery Olfactory Odes To Fluidity

In the past, men and woman have been bound to certain unwritten rules helpful hints. As the lines of fashion and beauty become blurred, the perfume market is also embracing unisex. ESNC Perfumery has always been a trailblazer and offers a stunning collection that doesn’t have labels. Discover these versatile scents that are made for everyone.

1. Crystal Cascade – Imagine a glistening waterfall sparkling in the sun at midday. This scent blends the freshness from the mountain air with warmth of the sunlit amber. The scent is not overtly masculine or traditionally feminine. Instead, it is a refreshing aroma that invites anyone to indulge in its clarity.

2. Twilight Tropics, if a tropical paradise was a perfume, then this is it. A mouthwatering concoction combining mangos, wild orchids and green bamboo. It brings to mind the peaceful beauty of a beach sunset, and resonates with everyone who wears it.

3. Urban Unison : A fragrance that is as diverse as the cities it represents. This fragrance is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to capture modern life.

4. Ethereal Emrace: This scent paints a picture of floating on the clouds. The fragrance has airy notes like white musk with soft cotton and a touch lilac. It is universally loved for its soft, dreamy feel.

5. Cosmic Connect – For those who dream of the stars, this scent combines the mystique and familiarity of earthly vibrations with deep space’s mysterious allure. It is a combination of blackberries with meteor showers.

If you’re a woman, man, or somewhere else on the beautiful spectrum, there is a fragrance out there waiting to merge seamlessly with your unique identity.

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