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Choose the Right Oven for Your Kitchen

People are more confused than ever about the type of oven they should choose when remodeling or building their kitchens. The information below should help you make a decision about the best oven to use in your kitchen. Helpful resources!

The conventional oven is the first type of oven that we will discuss. It uses either electric or gas (heating elements) as a source of heat for the cooking process. This type of oven has a problem in that heat is not distributed evenly. You may only be able to cook one meal at a given time, even if there’s room for several.

The convection-oven uses an internal fan to distribute heat evenly throughout the entire oven. This allows all shelves to be utilized. Convection ovens are also more efficient. They can reach temperatures faster and cook at lower temperatures. These ovens are either fan-assisted or fan-forced, which allows heat to be distributed more evenly. In fan-assisted ovens, the gas flame/heating element is separate from the fan. Usually the heat source will be at the bottom and the fan towards the rear. If you own a fan-forced oven, you’ll find the gas flame and the heating element are both surrounded by the fans. You may find your oven to be a combination of both conventional and convection. There are also some ovens which are a combination of a convection and microwave oven. This has many advantages over the normal convection. Not only is food cooked faster, but it uses less energy than normal convection.

When looking for an oven to buy, you should also consider the location of it. There are ovens that can be mounted in the wall. Others are installed under a countertop. And there are also those which are included with a stove/oven combo unit. Other people may be interested in how easily the oven can be cleaned. The standard oven must be cleaned in the traditional way, using oven cleaner and a scrubbing cloth. If you prefer, you can purchase ovens that are self-cleaning and have a high temperature setting. This is only used when there is no food in the oven.

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