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Clinical Discharge Planning: Preparing for Life After Rehab

Renew Wellness & Recovery is the only drug rehab facility for women in the country that goes above and beyond to make sure the road to sobriety lasts well after the walls of the center. Clinical discharge planning is a key component of comprehensive care. It helps prepare women for life’s challenges and success after rehab. Browse the catalog.

Clinical discharge planning helps women make the transition from rehab’s structured environment to real-world situations they may face after leaving. This is a strategic and thoughtful approach for women to support them on their journey to sobriety.

Personalized Transition Plan: The clinical discharge planning is very individualized at Renew Wellness & Recovery. Each woman has unique circumstances, challenges, and support networks. Each woman’s needs are addressed by our team in a customized transition plan.

Relapse Prevention is one of the main focuses in clinical discharge planning. Women are provided with tools, strategies and coping methods to help them recognize and deal with triggers, cravings and situations of high risk that can arise after rehab.

Building a Network of Support: A strong network of support is often necessary for sobriety to thrive. Our team helps women identify and strengthen their support networks, through 12-step programs or therapy.

Addressing co-occurring issues: The clinical discharge plan includes a discussion of any mental health problems that may occur at the same time. To support women’s overall wellbeing, we ensure they have ongoing access to mental health treatment, medication management, and therapy.

We help women set achievable and realistic goals as they prepare for reintegration into the daily life. Life skills are also offered to provide women with practical tools to help them navigate independent living.

After-care: We continue to care for women after discharge. Follow-up Care: We monitor women’s progress and adjust treatment plans if necessary.

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