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Dos and Donts when Hiring an Electrical Contractor

It’s not as simple as choosing someone from the Yellow Pages. Hiring the wrong electrical contractor could have disastrous financial consequences and be dangerous. It’s important to first check if the contractor that you are considering hiring is properly licensed and bonded. They should also have adequate workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Visit us!

You should also determine whether they have experience in performing the work that you require, as well as if their reputation is generally good.

You can start by contacting the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, or Division of Consumer Affairs.

Let’s pretend, for a minute, that you are in need of an electrician to complete a job.

It’s not an emergency – perhaps you just need to fix a broken light.

What would you like to do?

You could call several contractors to get more than one bid. It’s possible, but it isn’t something I would recommend.

Many people believe that every project should be subject to multiple bids. It’s not true. In fact, it could backfire if you put every job up for bid.

Asking for several bids on a tiny job is a bad idea. It will alienate the contractor and make them less likely to do it again. Consider the situation from their perspective. They are worth about $100/hr and they still make the effort to visit you and give you a free quote for any work that you need.

A good contractor is likely to offer you an “extra competitive” quote, particularly the first time, to gain your business.

How can you determine if the contractor who enters your home is The Good Contractor? There are some simple rules that may be applicable, but there will always be exceptions.

A contractor who is professional will look like one. If a contractor looks disorganized and messy, it is likely indicative of what type of work they do. People who take pride in what they do will usually be proud of their appearance. Contractors may disagree with this, but we are talking about generalities and not exceptions. It is important that he or she wears some form of identification from the company (a shirt would be fine).

Good contractors will carry company cards that include their business name or name, phone number and licensing #.

Good contractors will answer your call quickly, provide a free quote (for the majority of jobs), and explain to you what they are going to do.

Good contractors will not offer to complete a project without obtaining permits. They may walk away if a homeowner refuses. Permits are an additional form of insurance that guarantees (through inspections) the work was done safely and correctly.

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