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Dreamcatcher in a Glass: ESNC’s Ode To Louis Vuitton’s Attrape Revealed

While browsing through perfume shops click here, it can feel as if you are entering a timeless story of fragrances. Each scent tells its own tale, and each spritz is an invitation to join in. Amongst all the crystal bottles, and intoxicating fragrances, a particular scent from ESNC Perfumery is a symphony based on Louis Vuitton Attrape Reves.

Attrape reves is Louis Vuitton’s ethereal mix of unpredictability, sophistication and uncertainty. This scent takes you on a sensual voyage through a world in which the bitterness of cocoa meets floral buoyancy to create a dreamy and starry aura. It is a scent which mesmerizes as well as intrigues.

Enter ESNC’s rendition, which is like an artist interpreting a classical piece of music, adding a new, personal touch. Their version keeps the allure of original but adds a layer that gives it a unique personality. The initial burst evokes the freshness of morning dew with a sparkling blend of ginger and bergamot. The scent is vibrant and invigorating.

As the scent develops, ESNC’s interpretation pays homage the original’s heart of flowers and cocoa. The addition of velvety roses and heady Jasmine creates a deeper, richer floral scent. This heart is complex and multi-layered. Each note is like a secret symbol.

ESNC really shines in the dry-down. While Attrape Reves is based on a musky scent, ESNC brings in hints of vanilla, oakmoss, and amber. This earthy scent is a reminder to return to reality after a dream.

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