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Garage Door Selection Guide

How To Find The Best Garage Door

The garage door is a great way to add curb appeal to your home and increase its value. Good garage doors will set your house apart from others in the neighborhood. To make your garage door extra special, you can design it to fit exactly what you want. On Rainbow Garage Door Repair Las Vegas you can learn more.

Most garage doors fall into three categories: Canopy Side Retractable Garage Doors, Hinged Sectional Sectional Retractable Garage Doors, and Retractable. If space is a concern in your driveway, then sectional garages will work best. Since they open and close vertically, cars can be parked right next to the garage door. There are many different garage door styles, but the three that are most commonly used include the upward-moving, sectional and self-storing.

Types of garage doors

It’s time to say goodbye to the manual garage door. The motorized or remote controlled garage door has made the garage easier to use. The overhead garage is by far the most popular.

In planning the garage door, material is of primary importance. Your garage’s warmth and style will influence the choice of garage door material. For garage door construction, there are three materials to choose from: Fiberglass(GRP), Wood and Steel.

If you are planning on installing a garage, it is important to consider the material of the door. You could also include heated garages in your design or even unique window options.

Overhead Garage doors are most commonly used.

With automatic stop and start features, overhead garage doors are easy to use. They also have many safety features. People find overhead garages easy to use with their automatic stop-and-start features.

A rolling system is used to operate overhead garage doors. The overhead door can be rolled and stored on the garage roof. You should also look out for features such as smoothness, noise and compactness. Do it yourself or hire a professional to help you install your overhead garage door. Garaga Garage Doors, Liftmaster Raynor and DBCI are all popular manufacturers.

Wood – The Appeal of Wood

Most people prefer wood garage doors for their affordability and appearance, rather than durability.

For a beautiful and long-lasting garage door you can choose solid cedar. Wood roll-up doors come in either flush or paneled sections. The manufacturers of panel doors fit many separate rectangular panels in a wooden frame. By fastening plywood panels on top of wooden frames, flush sections can be made.

It is important to note that a wood garage door will expand and contract, warp or even crack over time. Refinishing or painting the garage door every couple years is required to keep it in top shape.

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