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Healing with Gemstones in Color

Gemstones, also known as the living force within our mineral kingdom, is what we call them. They are believed to be stores of cosmic energies that have been radiated by the planets and cosmos. Imagine them as Earth’s connection to another heavenly body. Vedic Astrology is taught that gems contain certain energies which can boost the quality of one’s life additional info.

As can be seen from the rainbow, white light is divided into seven visible colours. The infrared rays and ultraviolet rays can also both be detected. Ayurveda suggests that the body’s health is balanced by these rays. In the event that there is an imbalance between the cosmic rays, illnesses can begin to appear.

Natural gemstones have a great deal of these cosmic rays. In actuality, we cannot see the exact colour of a gem. The prism is an easy way to see the color. Ruby is red and green, but has a color that’s similar to an emerald. Blue sapphire emits purple, indigo or pink colors. Pearl transmits colors such as orange, yellow, and others. In healing, gems bring concentrated colors to the physical body and the etheric.

Vedic Ayurveda, Vedic Ayurveda, Vedic Ayurveda, all stress the importance in using gems to amplify cosmic energy. The right use and care of gems can have an impact on both physical health and psychological wellbeing. Nine gems are available that can transmit light from both visible and invisible colors. Ayurveda benefits are widely recognized. Following are the benefits, and cosmic colors, of these gemstones for health maintenance.

Ruby emits powerful solar radiation that stimulates, warms, and warms.
Orange-coloured lustres are a subtle way to cool you down and moisturize. It is capable of combating dryness, increasing respiration and relaxing the mind.
Red coral (transmitting a yellow color) is said to be able to strengthen the blood vessels, muscles, & bones. According to some, it also boosts male sexuality. This is the reason it is used so often for treating impotence.
Emerald (transmits an emerald green color). It is a calming and balancing energy. It is useful in treating skin conditions such a eczema.
Yellow sapphires are blue-transmitting. They strengthen the body. It encourages vitality, longevity and health. It is an excellent “tonic” that strengthens your body. The elderly showed particularly impressive results.
Indigo is transmitted via diamond and it’s energizing. It also improves lung functions and can be used to treat infertility.
Blue sapphires, which emit violet colours, are known to cool and cleanse the body. It will calm you down. Many clinical treatments include it. Many patients go to bed, and then wake up with a sense of freshness and increased vitality.
Hessonite garnet is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens nervous tissue.
Chysoberyl’s cats-eye (transmits an infrared wavelength) helps to raise body temperature. It also removes toxins.

Gems do best in “gem Therapy”, lamps. It is best to use gemstones in conjunction with an electronic medical device. This device causes the light to vibrate and is directed onto the body of the patients.

Leading resorts use these lamps to revitalize and soothe. The specific spa treatment can be used along with massages, facials, and many other well-known treatments. Balaji Gem Instruments showcased the “Navaratna Gem Lamps”, an additional treatment to spa guests and spa owners, at a recent exhibition.

A prominent European magazine publisher claimed that gemtherapy is the “medicine of the future”. He may have made a prophetic statement.

Ayurvedic treatments are used by many practitioners across different healthcare systems. The popularity of this incredible method for revitalizing and healing our bodies is only going to increase.

Howard Beckman (“Hamsavatar”) is a Vedic Astrologer & a Planetary Geoologist. He has worked as a Vedic Anthroploger for the past 35 years. His ability to read souls, predict futures, and suggest actions which will help has made his name well known in the astrology world. As an American Counsel of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) tutor and as founder of Planetary Gemologist Association. He is known as Astrologer’s Astrologer. This is because he serves a large number of aspiring and working astrologers.

He is renowned for his unmatched expertise in suggesting corrective actions, including gems. Yantras or mantras. These are to be used for directing and strengthening positive energies. His works include “An intuition to Vedic Astrology”, Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems”, Vibrational Healing with Gems”, and the only recognised course in Jyotish Gemtherapy. Together with Jennifer Yaogamaya Beckman wrote the Ayurvedic Stone Therapy Correspondence Course.

Howard created the Balaji Navaratna GL108 Lamp (the revolutionary Balaji Navaratna GL108 Lamp). The lamps have precious gems. We also develop an electronic medical tool that has virtually no negative side effects and imposes different frequencies for healing at various levels. Howard is The Vedic Cultural Fellowship’s director and New Rishikesh Ashram’s head. He lives New Mexico in the USA. While he lives and practices in New Mexican, he also travels extensively to share his knowledge by way of lectures, workshops and other retreats. Yogamaya’s seminar “The Three Sister Sciences” will explain the connection between stars and subtle anatomies and our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

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