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Recipes And Planning For Campsite Meals

Today’s topic is meal planning this site. You will always remember your camping trip’s meals. I will show how to make sure you don’t spend half your day in the kitchen but still create a meal that will wow them. Pre-planning is a great way of saving time and allowing you to spend more time doing the things that you love, like “Camping”. I will later share a wonderful way to pre-cook pasta. There are two types of meal planning. The ration method is one and the recipe method the other. Today, I will concentrate on the recipe approach. In a later issue, I’ll go more in depth about the rationing process. This recipe is easier to implement for a small group. If you have a large group, or need to move around, the rationing method is ideal.

You can make your daily menu by combining all your favorite dishes and creating a plan that is efficient and fun. Sandwiches work well for those who are going hiking. It is possible to spend more money if you stay near the site. I try to plan for all situations. This allows you be adaptable when you arrive at the site. You don’t have to follow the menu exactly. It’s okay to be creative, spontaneous, and have some fun.

Once you have created your menu you need to determine what supplies are needed. After that, you can adjust the equipment and menu according to your space. It’s not easy to just create the menu. The goal is to have a lot of fun. This method is easy to use for meal planning. There are many formulae you can use for meal planning. Some are necessary in situations like backpacking or extended travel, but they are not required for the average camper. Many campgrounds have a small grocery store nearby if you happen to forget. It’s possible to be bitter about having to spend twice as much for something you don’t value but it is not a sign of weakness.

You should make sure you have plenty of water, healthy snack options, and tasty trail foods, such as fresh fruit and beef jerky, when planning your menu. You don’t want to be sitting around at camp wishing you had a TV. Outdoor activities demand a lot more energy and eat a lot of calories. Use the USDA Food Guide Pyramid as a guideline to planning healthy meals. You should remember that there will be an increase in appetites so plan accordingly. Click the link to visit USDA’s site.

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