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Self Storage Facility Security

There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the right self-storage unit get more info. However, security measures at the facility should be top of the list. Although some storage units may be more affordable than others due to their lower cost, security can often be compromised. This decision is crucial if you intend to keep valuable items. It is important to have all the elements that make up a secure storage facility. Here are some guidelines to ensure that self-storage facilities are secure.

Let’s first look at the exterior. If there are guard-posts at major entrances, take a look around. Ask guards questions regarding patrolling patterns and schedules. Ask the guards about their visitor policies. They may keep a log so that visitors can see who entered and exited, or whether visitors are allowed to leave. It is also important to inspect the perimeter fence. An electrical fence or reinforced concrete fencing are good indicators. Also, look for any potential security hazards. Ask them if they have motion-detectors in conjunction with industrial-level security lighting. This will prevent potential thieves from breaking inside. How secure your belongings would be against unwanted activity will be determined by how strong their security.

Ask your manager if they have an exclusive key holder policy. This will make sure that you can only access the storage unit. Ask them if there are CCTV security cameras in the area, and if they have intercoms available in case of emergency. If you insist, ask for a tour of their grounds and within the unit that you will be leasing. Make sure to inspect the locks and assess their strength. A keycard lock system is an excellent security measure. It’s especially helpful if the storage facility has multiple stories. Inspect the durability of padlocks if they are still being used. You can provide your own padlocks for some facilities, but it is better to get one stronger than the rest. Make sure to check if there is an alarm system for fire or burglary. Also, inquire if the alarm system can be linked to local police stations.

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