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How to Improve Your Chess Skills If You are Terrible at Chess

Did you ever try to improve your chess but find it difficult? Do not worry! Many people have done it and many who enjoy chess will spend their whole lives trying to improve. You can see online chess tutor for more information.

Learning how to play the best moves in every position is all that is required to improve your chess game. The player who discovers the most poor moves often loses.

Even this model is flawed. You need to think about the future when playing chess. The best move in many positions will not be the most effective if there are more than three moves from your opponent. This means that you need to consider at least two or three moves ahead of your opponent in order to determine the most effective move for a position. Calculating here is more difficult.

Additionally, it is important to be able evaluate and assess each position for strengths, weaknesses, and to rate which side is better or equal. The evaluation must be accurate in order to make correct move calculations. Understanding the nature of chess is essential in order to make an accurate evaluation. This includes understanding the chess principles and tactical, strategic, and positional play factors.

These areas can all be learned by playing chess and getting advice from other players.
After a player has mastered these areas and is playing regularly, it becomes obvious the importance of 3 distinct chess phases: the opening, the middle and the ending. All of the chess factors mentioned above apply to each game phase. Each phase has its own special considerations.

In the opening, it is important to focus on the development of all pieces while paying attention to safety of the king with castling and controlling the centre of board.

Players in the middle game try to improve the position of their pieces and pawns. They also attempt to weaken the position of opponents (by capturing pieces or pawns, making good piece exchanges, creating damaged pawn structure and/or capturing pawns).

The end game is where king activity and pawn promotion are important. Understanding checkmate patterns is crucial. If you are winning, the end game should end in checkmate. If you are losing, you might want to play to reach a stalemate or draw.