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Use this guide to locate a cosmetic surgeon

Finding a plastic surgeon with experience isn’t easy. This is an extremely difficult job. It is important to not undervalue the difficulty of this task. Many people do not know someone who has undergone plastic surgery, get more info.

The recommendation may come from their personal qualities or just friendship. The term “hospital based plastic surgeon” can also be used for those performing mostly reconstructive surgery.

You should make sure that your doctor is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, and is familiar with the kind of procedure you’re interested in. Avoid fake certifications and boards, even if they look real. You should choose a qualified plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. According to Joyce D. Nash’s book What Your Doctor cannot say about Cosmetic Surgery, “Certification by such an organization may be worthless”.

Your doctor should be able to tell you where they received their certification. A doctor that hasn’t been accredited by the ABPS is not to be trusted. When looking in your telephone directory for a local cosmetic surgeon, you should take caution. Most metro directories list only 2/3 of their physicians as board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Some of the physicians listed in sections on plastic surgery are not trained for cosmetic procedures.

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