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What About A 5 Second Test On Your Website Buy Here Pay Here?

What about a 5-second test? discover more, we will test your BHPH homepage (or landing pages) and see what real users think when they arrive. Many answers can be found by looking at statistics and numbers on the website. You may be surprised by the answers you get from real people. It is important to understand where and how your visitors go when they come to you. Testing the website with actual people can provide instant feedback.

Choose some volunteers at random, preferable people who are new to your site. Ask them to sit at the computer, close their eyes and then navigate to your homepage. They should be asked to close their eyes, then click the most important button for them. TIMING THEM is a great way to see how quickly they can find the information that you are searching for.

Keep in mind that they may not be going where you would like them to. It’s great if your site visitors click through to other pages. It is best if your visitors go to the page you wish them to, in order for you sell them an automobile.

The vast majority would abandon your site if it took more than 5 seconds and you weren’t watching. Look at your site again…what can you change so that you get the person to where you desire them within 5 seconds? It’s tough. You’ve missed an opportunity if they abandon your Buy Here Pay Here site before completing and submitting your credit application.

Five to ten people is enough. It isn’t a scientific survey, just a way to get people thinking. You might be surprised by the results.

Charles Pompey, the owner of DigAps.com & Car-Lotta Credit.

DigAps.com…Comprehensive Web Sites and Internet Merchandising ONLY for Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Charley has built BHPH websites that deliver results, improved existing sites’ performance, managed PPC programs and provided advertising consultancy. Charley speaks to over 20 dealer groups and groups of dealers, as well as offering individual consultations and speaking engagements. DigAps.com can increase your credit applications and sales from your site in just 30 days.

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