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You Can Choose From Three Smart Switches for Your Office

For a SOHO, or a small business it is not required to have a managed switching device. This will simply be too expensive for home and office networks who share internet connections, storage space, and shared networks with others. Many users use their small-business network or home network to transfer videos straight to HDTVs, or even make VoIP calls. Some even save their surveillance footage from home or small businesses onto the network. Unmanaged switching devices may not suffice in such a situation. A managed, or even better, a web-managed switch, would be advisable, blog here.

Small Business and Small Offices are Increasingly Using Managed Gigabit Shifts

Managed Ethernet switch, whatever the reason, has made its way from small business to offices and homes. Prices for managed gigabit switches, as well as Ethernet switches, have recently dropped. Their features and ease of use are also improving. Replace an ordinary switch either with a web or smart managed switch. Why? Quality of video streams, including security footage. It should be enough for any company with VoIP telephones. Three main types are managed and unmanaged switches. Lastly, we will dispel a few myths. This information will help you choose the best switch for your office or house.

Unmanaged Network Switch

You can connect the network cables to an unmanaged switch by plugging it into the wall. This switch “just works.” The switches might be working well for you too. But keep your eyes open. It may be time for you to upgrade your switch to one that’s managed, if poor quality VoIP or dropped calls affect you. It may be necessary to change to a managed local switch or managed LAN if video streaming doesn’t work.

Smart switches

Marketing departments at large computer companies invented intelligent switches when they realized that managed switch had more features, and was cheaper. In order to make it easier to use a network switch or a web switch, the marketing department of large computer makers created intelligent network switches. The switches had smart management for most of the features. Nevertheless, you could also access other features through the internet. Web-based switches are not as powerful and flexible as command-line switches. Smart network switches, or web-managed switches, can be classified as somewhere in between a fully managed switch and an unmanaged one. You want the best compromise of price and features when purchasing smart network switches.

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